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British Columbia‘s premier school of Western Martial Arts.

Blood & Iron Martial Arts teaches the combat styles of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. We teach the various styles of swords, polearms, grappling, as well as close combat weapons such as knives and hand axes.

Students learn Western Martial Arts with a focus on fighting techniques and training to improve weapon skill and knowledge. Regular classes include instruction as well as sparring and we encourage newcomers to come out and try a free class.


News & Updates

  • Hours of operation during the Holidays

    Season's greetings!

    Due to the holidays, we will be closed on the following days:

    December 24th
    December 25th
    December 26th
    December 31st (7:00 class only)
    January 1st
    January 2nd

    Note, on December 31st, the 12:00pm adult and 4:30pm youth classes are still operational. Only the 7:00 class is closed.

    Happy Holidays!

    -Blood and Iron Martial Arts

  • New Swordschool schedule!

    This is a quick reminder of the updated schedule for the Sword School classes.

    The Monday and Wednesday classes are changed from 4:00pm - 5:00pm to 4:30pm - 5:30pm. 

    We apologise for any inconveniences, please feel free to email us with any questions/ concerns. 

  • Blood and Iron Tournament hours

    Blood and Iron Martial Arts will be closed August 7th (Thursday) to the 10th (Sunday) due to our largest regional tournament: PNW, in which every instructor and most senior students will be attending.
    This includes both the Adult, and the Youth program.

    Classes will resume normally on Monday, August 11th.

    Thank you everyone for your patience!

Tournament Results